Tropical Beaches in Dawei

If you desire to relax on a beautiful beach, with no crowds around, one of the pristine beaches in Dawei would be perfect for you. These beaches are mostly unexplored and provide you with opportunities for water sports activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Some of the beaches available to you are Maungmagan beach, Sin Htauk beach, Grandfather beach and Pa Nyit beach. San Maria beach, Teyzit beach, Nabule beach and Paradise beach are rustic and pristine beaches in Dawei that you can literally have all for yourself. A visit to a beach in Dawei provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the life in the city and will remind you how important the simple things in life are. There are also enough beaches in Dawei for a week of exploration, so if you enjoy beach hopping a visit to the idyllic town of Dawei will be perfect for you! So, go ahead and plan your trip to Dawei, you will feel a lot more rejuvenated, especially if you spend some time on one of the alluring beaches.




Interesting religious and cultural sights in Dawei

If you are seeking unique cultural and spiritual experiences, the town of Dawei provides some exciting options for you. Three of the sacred sites that you must visit are Myaw Yit Pagoda, Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda and Shin Maw Pagoda. Myaw Yit Pagoda is a historic religious site located on a small island approximately 6 miles south of Maungmagan beach; it is a significant location in Dawei and a sight you should not miss when you visit. The Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda is one of the largest of its kind in the world and is one of the most enduring images in the city of Dawei. The Shin Maw Pagoda is another sacred religious sight just outside of the city of Dawei that is filled with history and should also not be missed on your day trip through Dawei.




The Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum

The Tanintharyi Region Cultural Museum chronicles the history of Dawei, including the culture of the different groups of local people that the town is comprised of. The three main groups are the Dawei, Moken and Mon groups and you will learn the idiosyncrasies of each of these people if you visit this fascinating cultural museum in Dawei. It is highly recommended that you visit if you ever in the town.




A wide variety of dining options

One of the highlights of the town of Dawei is the delectable local dining options available for you to enjoy! From top-notch Thai cuisine to street food stalls, there is a restaurant for every budget, and you are sure to have the dining experience of your life when you visit Dawei. Some of the best restaurants in the town are , Bamboo Garden Restaurant, Tavoy Kitchen, Shwe Monn Gan Restaurant and Joy House Thai Restaurant. There are also popular night markets that each include upward of fifteen stalls, serving a variety of dishes including the Malaysian chicken man and several enticing noodle dishes. These Markets are lively and happening spots in Dawei on a regular evening, and you should not miss this spectacle when you visit.

Finally, the town of Dawei offers the discerning traveller a lot of options. Whether you are seeking a relaxing tropical beach, seeing some of the unique religious and cultural monuments found anywhere in the world, learning the fascinating culture of Dawei or having the dining experience of your lifetime, the town of Dawei is a perfect destination for you.

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