Hpa An, a small charming town with an eclectic culture and intriguing landscape, supporting a cool and laid back atmosphere, that sits on the eastern bank of the Thanlwin River about 270 kilometers east of Yangon, has been subject to open mine casting in the area causing permanent damage to this unique scenery and its surrounding. Fortunately, however, there still prevails lots to see and enjoy. The perfect example Mt. Zwekabin to which summit one would take from 24 hours depending on the pace lies 16 kilometres southeast of Hpa An. For a town encircled by Mountain scenery, it is no surprise to discover some of the most impressive caves around the area. As such is Sadan Cave that lies under the mountain with a little dash of horror made by creepy animal sounds and darkness. Getting around Hpa An is easy as hiring a bike can be made in the city centre within less than 5 minutes.