Nowadays, a review is the lifeblood of the travel associated businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rentals, travel agents and as well as tour operators. Having poor reviews on the social media or company own websites can even kick them out from the market else worse influence on the company image. We, Pro Niti Travel, value the reviews from our satisfied guest through their experience with us. All the good reviews will encourage our team to give the best service towards potential guests as well as loyal customers in the future. Among the reviews from Trip Advisor, We would like to recite the precious reviews given by one of our guest (Stanislav Piseev). He sends out an open comment while the trip with his two friends. Let’s see what he writes about Pro Niti Travel.

“It has been my dream to go to Myanmar for over five years; in July 2017 I decided that the time to arrange the trip has come. I decided that I would travel in the beginning of January 2018 for 7 days (that was the absolute maximum what I could have taken off work), but I had a long list of destinations within Myanmar on my wish list, such as Yangon, the Golden Rock, Inle Lake and Bagan (of course with ballooning).My preparation started with checking out various forums and travel blogs as initially, the plan was to organize the whole trip myself. But soon after starting my research I realized that getting the tour arranged by a local agency will not only be more convenient, taking into account the amount of travel that my wish list required, but also a lot less expensive. The option of being accompanied by English-speaking guides throughout the journey was the final argument in favor of the local agency. While I was researching, two of my friends expressed the desire to join me on this adventure.”

A monk at Bagan

A monk at Bagan

“I started searching for a reliable agency onTrip Advisor, the key criteria for me was the amount of positive reviews over a long period of time. I picked the two top ones and sent out the list of what I wanted to visit.”

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at Golden Rock

Golden Rock

Janusz from Pro Niti was the first one to respond, the next day he came back to me with the proposal of the itinerary. Soon after our first communication, our individual tour was designed. It was a great pleasure to work with Janusz as the communication was always clear; my desires were reflected in the tour program (which had a very detailed plan for every day of our journey). So the decision was made.”

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“The life is full of surprises and our tour was not an exception. In the middle of October, the hotel where we were supposed to stay was destroyed by a terrible fire. Janusz contacted me immediately and rebooked us into a different hotel after aligning with us the options. This gave me confidence that we are in good hands of professionals. And I was right.”

at Shwedagon Pagoda

At Shwedagon Pagoda

“As we arrived in Yangon we were met in the airport by Pro Niti (there were three people waiting for us), all the hotel vouchers, airline tickets, and balloon tickets were provided to us once we got in a car. By the way, all the cars were in a really good condition, equipped with AC and having water supplies on board. But not only the tour was organized perfectly in terms of bookings and logistics, the guides that accompanied us were really knowledgeable, friendly and spoke very good English. As you may know, you cannot wear any shoes or socks when you are visiting Pagodas. After you walk around like this your feet get dirty and you may hesitate to put your clean white socks back on, but our guides were well-prepared, they always had wet napkins distributed to us after every such stop. Small but really nice detail. Of course, later on, we switched to sandals and flip-flops, but clean feet feel a lot more comfortable in any footwear: Despite the amount of travel that we’ve had (only once we stayed in the same hotel two nights in a row) we have never waited a second for a driver or a guide to meet us at a scheduled time.”

ballooning experience in bagan

Ballooning Experience in Bagan

“I would really like to thank all the staff at Pro Niti and Janusz in particular for making my dream come true. I did not expect the tour to be that well-organized (normally something does not go right at some point in time, but this tour was an exception), I admit that it was the best organization that I have experienced. I can definitely recommend this company to those who want to get a wonderful experience in Myanmar. Great job guys!”

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