Recently, Myanmar travel bloggers club held the very first travel campaign to prove Myanmar is a safe destination to travel. The whole world believes traveling to Myanmar is lack of safety and ethical and on the other hand, media coverage from the worldwide boost up the negativity perceptions on the Rakhine conflicts.

The first priority must pay attention to us is to redeem the bad image rather than to do promotional activities. So, travel bloggers from Myanmar invited the media journalists and travel bloggers from ASEAN to let them feel the pleasure of attraction sites from Myanmar and to clarify the safety of inner Myanmar

myanmar is safe to travel

About the campaign

The aim of this campaign is to reduce the negative social impact on Myanmar by delivering the real situation of real Myanmar to travel bloggers and travel journalists from ASEAN.

It was held in the middle of February and invited totally 28 journalists and travel bloggers from the ASEAN countries with the name of Myanmar’s First ASEAN Travel Media & Bloggers Trip (FAM). The invitees visited the major destinations including Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake experiencing the sweet times. They enjoyed local activities such as horse-cart riding and visited historical monuments in Bagan and Inle Lake.

Take a glance at the amazing sunrise of Bagan with the ballooning taken by Malaysia Media Journalist.

Not long ago, the world most well-known newspaper published that Yangon as one of the world’s most unsafe cities. But now, the FAM campaign provided evidence a safe journey to Myanmar. As a result, all the travel bloggers and media journalists from campaign saw the insight of Myanmar how peacefully we live, and most of them enjoyed this one-week trip.

Believe it! Myanmar is Safe

Comparing to the ASEAN countries especially Thailand, the social and economic status of Myanmar is in the shady stage. Based on the tourism statistics announced by Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar’s tourism industry is about to grow since the visit of Hillary Clinton in 2011, but the political situation trembles the progression of development. But all the negative impact goes to local citizens that hardly pass their daily life.

Indeed all the posts from participants of FAM exposed that Myanmar is safe to travel. They all seem to have a happy trip by looking at their experience. They now appreciate what is the current situation while traveling in Myanmar. The hospitality, friendliness, and warmth of Myanmar’s people can never be easily disappeared with this little political side effect.

Look what Vietnam blogger capture the scene of Bagan.

Undoubtedly, you can see how the real situation on the travel platform such as Trip Advisor yet the individual guest reviews cannot lie. If your main concern is not to choose Myanmar for next destination and you assume as unethical and unsafe travel and support humanity, just leave the wrong thoughts and please accept the reality.

Still doubting, come and see us how Myanmar is peaceful!

You are very welcome from the wonderful land.

In addition, let us share the graceful photos of Myanmar taken by our guest. See the difference how the foreigner media coverage

train ride in myanmar

Train Ride in Yangon

shwedagon pagoda

Glorious Shwedagon Pagoda

padaung woman

Padaung Woman

a man reading newspaper

A man reading newspaper

A man meditating

A man meditating at Pagoda

monk daily routine

Monks’ Daily Routine

All the above photos were taken by one of our happy guests in February 2018 on their trip with us and we upload it after taking approval from the guest. Please do not reuse the photos without approvals.