We all love long, sandy beaches where we can spend lazy days listening to the sound of the waves and diving into the clear blue waters. Did you know that Myanmar has some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches? Best of all, the beaches in Myanmar are never crowded or overrun with other tourists – you’ll have plenty of room to enjoy their enticing beauty.

Here are seven of the absolute best beaches in Myanmar.

#7: Grandfather Beach

This gem of Dawei is quite hidden, and we love delighting our guests with this beautiful place. Grandfather Beach has plenty of sand and beautifully clear water, but it is also unique because of the rock boulders that are dotted all along the shore. If you are a photographer, be sure to bring your camera with you to this beautiful beach!

Grandfather Beach is even more magical thanks to the legend about it. A myth says that an old man visited the beach, and began to meditate facing the sea, until he eventually turned into rock. You can still see that rock on the shore to this day, and it is a famous landmark. Overall, this beach is quiet and there is not a lot of development, except for a few modest beach restaurants selling amazing seafood.

#6: Chaung Tha Beach

Located in the Ayeyarwaddy region, Chaung Tha Beach is about 6 hours away from Yangon. This stunning sandy beach is popular with both locals and visitors who are drawn to its enticing natural beauty and nearby amenities.

The sand is a little more yellow than sand-white, but it is still absolutely gorgeous, and one of the most friendly beaches within reach of Yangon. Along the shore, you’ll find lots of bright sun umbrellas, as well as people hiring snorkeling and other equipment. Then, of course, there are the amazing seafood restaurants – you can’t leave without trying some fresh fish straight from the sea!

#5: Maungmagan Beach

Also in Dawei, Maungmagan Beach has been a popular location for visitors to Myanmar since colonial times. It was particularly popular with British expats who were amazed by its incredible beauty, with a huge amount of soft sand surrounded by amazing hill views as well. It really is spectacular.

Today the beach is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and can get quite busy on the weekends. Overall, there’s still room for everyone to enjoy the beach, as well as many surrounding restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s especially lovely to stop and enjoy a drink as you watch the sunset. Beautiful!


The beautiful sunset of Maungmagan Beach [image: wikipedia]

#4: Islands of the Mergui Archipelago

Okay, so this is technically a few islands – but they’re all so beautiful that it was hard to choose just one! There are many absolutely stunning beaches on the islands which include Smart Island, Megui Island and Tha Mee Hla Island.


The pristine archipelago of Myeik (Mergui)

Most visitors to Myanmar do not get to experience these beautiful islands around the Mergui Archipelago, but those who do will certainly not be disappointed. They are absolutely stunning, showcasing the beauty of nature at its very best. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear so that you can also discover the amazing world under the sea!

#3: Ngwe Saung Beach

For a beach a bit closer to Yangon, there’s Ngwe Saung Beach, which is a five-hour drive away from the capital. Once a sleepy fishing village, there has been some development at this beach. Nevertheless, it still retains its rugged charm and good looks.

The beach stretches on for kilometres, meaning there is plenty of powdery white sand for everyone to enjoy. On the shores of the beach, you’ll find businesses hiring kayaks, paddle-boards and snorkel gear. On the other hand, there is a great selection of restaurants creating delicious seafood dishes. If you walk far down the beach, you can even watch the sunset over the Bay of Bengal, which is a very special experience.

#2: Ngapali Beach


The white-sandy walkway along the coastal Ngapali Beach

Probably the most famous beach in the country, Ngapali Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Myanmar, and in fact all of Asia. It features a huge swathe of soft white sand which is flanked by picturesque palm trees on one side and tranquil blue water on the other side. It is extremely romantic, and a honeymoon hotspot.

Its enticing beauty means that it is one of the most popular Myanmar’s beaches, with many tourists visiting in the summer season. As a result, you’ll find a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and bars near the shore. Just note that it’s not suitable for visiting during the rainy season, due to the strong rains that lash the coast.

#1: Moscos Islands

For many years, visitors were prohibited from visiting the Moscos Islands. Not only did this create a sense of mystery about them, but it also meant they remained pristine and unspoiled, away from the effects of mass tourism.


The crystal clear waters of Moscos Islands, Dawei, Myanmar [image: internet]

Today, visitors are welcome and we take great pride in leading ecologically sustainable tours to the islands. On them, you’ll find amazing powdery white beaches where you are surely dazzled just by how crystal clear the Andaman Sea is. As a result, the snorkeling is absolutely amazing and an unmissable experience as well.