An important part of planning any holiday adventure is deciding when to visit. As a result, many people want to know when is the best time to visit Myanmar – after all, you want to see the country at its best and be able to totally enjoy your experience.

The good news is, there is no bad time to visit Myanmar. In fact, the best time to visit Myanmar is simply when you are able to go! However, if you have flexibility for when to visit, you might want to make an informed choice about when to plan your travel. Already know when to visit for yourself, you may need help for how to apply a tourist visa for Myanmar.

How to choose the best time to visit Myanmar

Apart from when your schedule allows you to travel, the most important thing to consider is what you want to do during your stay. Knowing what kind of activities or events you are hoping to experience will help you choose the best time.

For example, if you want to go trekking in Shan state then you will likely want to choose a time when the weather is more moderate. On the other hand, if you plan to attend a certain event (such as the annual Naga New Year Festival ), then you’ll want to ensure your visit lines up with that event.

An introduction to the weather in Myanmar

The weather is going to be a big factor in deciding what is the best time to visit Myanmar. It is worth noting that Myanmar is a large country, and the weather can vary quite significantly from region to region.

Generally, however, Myanmar has a tropical climate which means it has two major seasons: the wet (roughly June to September) and the dry (roughly October to May). During the wet season, rain can be very heavy and the humidity can be intense. While there can still be some rain in the dry season, it is far less frequent and the humidity tends to be more tolerable.

The temperature in Myanmar fluctuates a lot and can change significantly depending on where in the country you are. Altitude plays a large role in determining the weather, and lower altitude areas (such as the west and south of Myanmar) tend to be warmer overall than high altitude places around the eastern and upper central regions.

On the whole, cooler weather tends to follow the end of the wet season (about October/November), with temperatures building up to their peak in June and July. In June and July, temperatures over 40 degrees are not unusual.

The most popular time to visit Myanmar

The tourist peak season for most of Myanmar is around late November to mid-February, when the weather is moderate; think warm but pleasant temperatures, and mostly dry conditions. During this time, you’ll find that the weather is perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking or exploring the cities on foot. Rain is unlikely to spoil your plans, and all of the attractions are open and accessible. It’s undoubtedly a great time to visit Myanmar.

Pindaya Trekking, Myanmar Travel

Yazagyi village, Pindaya trekking, Shan state

The downside of visiting Myanmar is November to February is that things can be more expensive and crowded than they are at other times of the year. If you’re planning to visit Myanmar in the peak tourist months, we advise you to book as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. Get in touch with our Travel Advisor.

The benefits of visiting during the rainy season

On the other hand, the lowest tourist season is during the rainy season, and especially in June and July when the temperatures are hot and humid, and rain and tropical storms are commonplace. However, the rain does turn the countryside beautifully lush and green, and you can expect to enjoy the treasures of Myanmar without any crowds. Plus, travel at this time can be more affordable as there is less demand, and rain showers are often short-lived anyway.

You should be aware that some sights and attractions may be inaccessible due to flooding on the roads. Most hotels and attractions around Ngapali Beach, for example, close during the lowest season. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you can still visit everything you want to see!

Green season at Myanmar

Learning how to grow paddy in Myanmar

A happy medium: shoulder season?

Many visitors love traveling in the shoulder season when the weather is less intense, and yet the crowds are still a little thinner. This is generally the “shoulder” months either side of the peak season – so September/October/early November or March/April.

During these times, the weather may be a little more unpredictable than in peak season, but it’s likely to be very pleasant, with minimal rain and more moderate temperatures. In addition, while the main tourist attractions will probably still be a bit lively, they’re not as crowded as they can get in the middle of the peak season. Therefore, many travelers consider this one of the best times to visit Myanmar.

Final thoughts

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to Myanmar at any time, and we firmly believe there is no bad time to visit Myanmar. However, it’s worth considering your schedule and interests so that you can choose the perfect time for your dream holiday.

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