Ecotourism is increasingly important to both visitors and tour providers. We can all agree that we all benefit when the environment is protected.

There are a few different definitions of ecotourism. Generally it is considered as the travel to environmentally pristine areas, that has a minimal impact on that environment. This means as you walk through a beautiful mountainous region, you can feel confident that it will be preserved for other visitors and the people (and wildlife) that live there.

Ecotourism in Myanmar

Pindaya, a beautiful landscape of Shan State

Ecotourism in Myanmar is especially important as travel becomes a larger industry in the country. As more visitors travel to Myanmar, it is important that the tourism industry (and visitors themselves) support ecotourism ventures. There are many benefits of ecotourism, and we are proud supporters of it at Pro Niti Travel.

Why Ecotourism in Myanmar is Important

Myanmar is lucky to have one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world. Every year, Pro Niti Travel has the pleasure of introducing many visitors to the pristine and beautiful environment of Myanmar.

We are excited to show visitors the beautiful environment of our country .Nevertheless,we also want to secure that the environment remains healthy. Unfortunately, tourism can take a large toll on natural environments. Hence, we want to make sure that that does not happen in Myanmar.

We believe it is important to preserve the environment for future generations of both people from Myanmar, and visitors. We hope that many generations will be able to visit and admire the beauty of our diverse regions.

In addition, preserving the environment is important for the livelihood and well-being of local people. Many people have strong connections to their regions, and also depend on the land for their livelihood and health. It’s essential to protect natural features like waterways, forests and mountains to ensure that local people continue to have the benefit of Myanmar’s land. Protecting natural features like waterways, forests and mountains is essential in order to ensure that local people continue to have the benefit of Myanmar’s land.

Ecotourism in Myanmar

Adventure trekking around Pindaya

Supporting ecotourism also encourages conservation over other, more damaging practices. For example, by showing businesses that tourists want to protect the land, they are more likely to preserve it. It also provides for more diverse economic opportunities, away from more damaging practices like deforestation.

Ecotourism can help us to balance the needs of the local community, the environment and visitors. By supporting ecotourism projects, travellers, you play a significant role in making sure that Myanmar remains as beautiful as it is today.

What to Look For to Support Ecotourism in Myanmar

As you can see, there are many benefits of ecotourism in Myanmar. It is no surprise, then, that many visitors are making it a priority to support environmentally sustainable initiatives and activities.

Unfortunately, not every tour provider in Myanmar is offering true ecotourism — even if they call it that! In fact, so-called “greenwashing” (where non-sustainable activities are advertised as ‘eco-friendly’) is a big problem all over the world, including in Myanmar.

Sadly, not every “sanctuary” or “conservation project” is actually doing the good work that they say they are.

That’s why it is crucial to look for more than just the advertising slogan when trying to find an ecotourism tour or activity.

There are three main questions to ask yourself as a first step when looking for ecotourism tours in Myanmar. This will help you to consider the impact of the tour or activity on the wider environment, and make a decision about whether to support it. They are:


  1. How does this tour impact on the local environment?
  2. How does this tour impact on the local people?
  3. How does this tour impact on the local wildlife?


Once you’ve asked yourself some tough questions about any potential red flags, you might like to take a closer look at some particular features.

Group Sizes

If you are considering a group tour, find out what the group size is. Larger groups have a bigger impact on the environment, increasing the chance of damage and putting a greater strain on resources. At Pro Niti Travel, we are proud that our small group adventures have a group size of just 10. This makes sure that everyone gets personal attention, and the environment itself gets protection too.

Local Community Involvement

A great indication that a tour provider in Myanmar is offering an ecotourism option is the involvement by the local community. Not only does this help to spread the economic opportunity around, but local people are often invested and experienced in environmental preservation.

Hands-off Approach to Experiences

As a general rule, ecotourism experiences allow you to get up close to nature and wildlife, without actually impacting it too greatly. For example, seeing and meeting elephants in the wild (or genuine sanctuaries) is an amazing experience. However, riding them can cause pain and distress to the elephants. If a provider is offering you the chance to ride wild animals, that should be a big red flag that they may not be eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Ecotourism presents an exciting opportunity for both travellers and tour providers in Myanmar. We are proud that ecotourism has been a key part of our business since we started. We would love to show you the beauty of Myanmar!